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Everywhere-InColourSomewhere between childhood and adulthood, and somewhere between pop, rock and country, there exists a singer-songwriter, Dylan Munro. Also known as Everywhere, Munro sings out our unstable emotional errors in his sophomore album, In Colour. Sadness, instability, emptiness, loneliness, romance and fear for the future. . . We all have those feelings but hardly to express and share them with people in modern society.

Munro was raised in Oakville, Ont., and currently is studying economics at Harvard. He is a student, yet don’t dismiss him. His newly released project is professionally well done.

I was surprised to hear that he had completed In Colour by his own hands: he not only wrote the songs, and recorded all the instruments and vocal parts, but he also produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the album. And it is incredible.

Maybe it’s that Munro is a young musician who is longing to achieve what he wants. As he sang in the ‘The Key’, Munro is looking for a hope. “Is there a key / For every lock on every door? / Is there a morning / For all the dreamers?”

In Colour is tender to care for you. If you felt ever felt alone, if you ever felt rejected, if you ever felt confused, or lost, or anxious, wronged, unclean, angry, ashamed, curious . . . then listen to Everywhere.

For more on Everywhere, visit Munro’s website.


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