Electric Youth :: ‘Innocence’

ElectricYouth-'Innocence'It’s been nearly three years since a little film called Drive, starring an even lesser-known Canadian heartthrob, rocked the world with its intensity, subtlety, and its soundtrack. The soundtrack most notably featured the hauntingly beautiful electro pop track, ‘A Real Hero’, partly to from emerging Toronto duo, Electric Youth. And while the collaboration with French collective, College, gave us only a small taste of the dream-pop duo’s capabilities, their new single, ‘Innocence’ and upcoming album is enough keep me interested.

Named after the 1989 Debbie Gibson record, Electric Youth’s sound can only be described as the hidden soul of pop music and its ascent into maturity. As a current member of the growing French electro collective, Valerie, the synth pop duo is practically oozing potential and promise. And the single, ‘Innocence’ certainly  attests to this.

The track’s dreamy yet heavy undertones and synths are met with Bronwyn Griffin’s sweet yet wistful vocals. Sparks of light guitar riffs keep the song from sounding too melancholy with a familiar steady beat that resembles that of their previous hit.

ElectricYouthGriffin’s lyrics portray a sort of coming of age story of understanding: “But if the plane is moving fast / Please secure your mask / Before you put mine on.” The song has a sound that somewhat mirrors its title; bearing an innocence but one that is absent of naivety and immaturity.

I’ve had this one on repeat for quite some time, and have yet to grow sick of it. My only hope is that it will sustain me until the release of their as yet unnamed upcoming album with Last Gang Records.

Electric Youth’s new single ‘Innocence’ is currently available on iTunes.

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