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Everywhere-InColourThe vocals that Dylan Munro has is reminiscent of Owl City, while the guitar work differs from the style. He mixes soft tunes with an even smoother voice to make Everywhere, the first in this young artist’s career, making for a sleepy premiere. This band isn’t for the edgy of heart, since Munro tends to play it safe.

The album starts off with ‘Out of Reach’, a tone-setting song with a smooth tune to it. Munro really knows how to effectively blend the rhythms together and how to build it up during the chorus and ease it during the verses. Already established as a slow album, ‘Beside Me’ is somehow softer than the song preceding it and it sounds too much alike to give the album any variety or depth so far. No less, the music is inspired and laid-back. As a rough description, it would be enjoyable music for the end of the day.

Impossibly, the album grows quieter and smoother with the song ‘Cutoff’, making it the most lullaby-like song here. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if the next track was silence. I understand that the constant play-it-safe idea may not be for me, but I think a lot people like variety and that there is a lot to be said about showcasing broader talent. Still, I do like the lyrics to the song. I think a great deal of the effort put into this album was put into the words. ‘So Tired’ once again proves that the tone of the album is set and stubbornly grips onto a similar formula for just about every song. This would work for someone who really enjoys this musical equation. I would like it for one song, but with everything on the album, it gets tired. ‘So Tired’ makes no unique mark in the album, but does well to carry on what was already established here. The song is so tired, and the music is tiring.

Everywhere-1‘The Key’ is easily the bubbliest song on the record with its tune, the lyrics, the theme, yada yada yada. There isn’t much to be said about this song that I haven’t already said about all the other songs except that is gets a little better by the end – but not by too much that would set it apart from its own standard. ‘More Than This’ is a soft ending for a very soft album – which I suppose makes it suitable and consistent.

The reason I called this a good “end of the day” album is because it’s perfect for winding down. If you are a listener that enjoys the likes of Death Cab for Cutie’s slower songs, then this is the kind of artist you should be supporting next. The fact that I did not like the repetition in the kind of music being shown here does not denote from Munro’s talent – he is a very talented artist and the way he manipulates flow and instrumentals is great. However, I wanted to see more variety with the result.

For more on Dylan Munro, visit www.musicfromeverywhere.com.



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