Dog Day :: ‘In Another Life’

DogDay-InAnotherLifeThough not brand-spankin’ new, Dog Day’s video for ‘In Another Life’ deserves mention – no matter how belated it may be. It was released January 19, 2014 by the Halifax indie-rock band and is very much a visual representation of the band’s name. The song comes from their fourth full-length album, Fade Out, which has received several acclaimed reviews and mentions by publications such as theToronto Star, Exclaim! and BeatRoute, among many others.

The decade-strong band is made up of husband and wife duo Seth Smith and Nancy Urich (though it wasn’t always just the two of them), who have been through many instrument and member changes. Their sound has fluctuated over the years – but not in a bad way.

DogDay-1The video for ‘In Another Life’ features Woof Alexander, Dog Day’s spirit animal, as he curiously roams the wild and causes a bit of paper-chewing mischief. The song is dreamy with a pinch of psychedelic, if only because of the often super-saturated, vintagey filter on the video. It features stellar guitars and roaring drums, which combined make for a rather savoury sound.

The video itself is great – it’s simple (who doesn’t want to watch a day in the life of a dog?) and mesmerizing, as Woof Alexander’s documented adventures leave you wanting to know where he’s headed next and make you want to go wherever his next destination is, which is probably somewhere equally as serene and beautiful as where he is in this video.

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