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DebbieDanbrook-1On Feb. 15, master Shakuhachi player, Debbie Danbrook, whose interview with Raz Mataz Magazine you can see here, will be bringing her meditation to 80 Gladstone.

Raz Mataz got the chance to experience her magical and ethereal music last month in Scarborough, Ont., where she performed in the lovely abode of a friend and a very welcoming host named Susan. Sitting around in a warm and cozy living room, Debbie played, on top of the Shakuhachi, a modified rain stick and “fairy” chimes, bringing the 20 odd people at the meditation out of the January cold into a realm of autumn dew, made magical by the tinkle of the chimes. The Shakuhachi itself, with its hollow vibrations, helped bring us further into a state of serenity.

In these cold, and for many, busy days of February, a musical meditation with Debbie can help shake off any of that unnecessary extra stress. She will be performing tomorrow, the 15th, with Mark Daniel, a sound Shaman, at 80 Gladstone at 7 p.m. It will be a night of not only connecting with your inner self, but the energy of the earth. Daniel and Danbrook will be playing crystal and Tibetan bowls, Native American Flute, percussion, along with vocals and, of course, the Shakuhachi.

Spaces are limited, so please call 416-322-3337 for reservation. Mats are available, but feel free to bring your own mats, pillows and blankets.

Also, make sure to check out her latest recording, Light From The Super Earth at and for more on Debbie, visit her website.

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  1. thanks Kollin for writing this lovely article! lots of love, debbie danbrook

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