Dearly Beloved :: ‘Enduro’

DearlyBeloved-EnduroThe guitar distorts and the snare rolls. Those first 16 seconds of happiness have convinced me that Dearly Beloved’s ‘Endura’ is going to make for a powerful and sexy listening.

Once you hear the intro to this track, your life trips to a ‘90s road film.

You are in the Texan wild, walking into a scene wearing a pair of cowboy boots, and a handgun is in your jeans’ pocket. You will be able to the hero of your imagination. It’s as if a voice is saying: “Before deciding on the direction in which to drive, just insert the key and step on the gas pedal. Play this powerful tune ‘Enduro’ from the car stereo, and all you have to do is just sing aloud and speed up.”

The music of punkadelic rock band Dearly Beloved pushes us to go forward. In fact, just like this track, the Torontonian duo has driven their life, career and musical performances in full throttle.

As early as their first accidental rock-n-roll baby – debut album Hawk vs Pigeon, born in 2012 from pot and tequila – their musical career has been exciting and has sped up. They captured thousands of fans around the world with their Top 40 alt-rock radio single, ‘Living Proof’. After touring with the Julie Doiron/Cancer Bats/Eamon McGrath supergroup, the Wrong Guys, and other Quebecois punk bands, Dearly Beloved made a huge decision. They started to record a new album instead of resting.

DearlyBelovedLiterally the morning after driving back from their cross-Canada tour, ‘Endura’ was made at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, California. The lyrics were written in advance on a solo 10-day road trip that started in the motel where Gram Parsons died and covered about 3,000 kilometres of the Southern California highway system.

Three and a half minutes: the song stays vigorous to the end. With the melodious hard-sound bass, and double vocal-mixture of Niva Chow’s sexy respiration and bassist Rob Higgins’s higher identical voice, makes this band magnetic and you’ll want to listen to the same track repeatedly.

Their new album will be released on May 13 through eOne Music Canada.

Adam Kasper (Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters) handled the mixing, and both Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal) and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age) contributed on guitar.

The band derives their name from Thomas Kempis’ famous quote: “Work, work now, oh dearly beloved, work all that thou canst.” And, just like their name, they always run to what they want to do.

Niva Chow said in an interview, “We don’t really want to follow the formula that people at record companies have had bands use to write hit songs, unless that’s something that we’re into.” We should expect their new album and we should run together. They started a European tour at the end of April and will arrive in Toronto in June. The track ‘Enduro’ is available as a free download on SoundCloud.

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