Dave Whitty at Canadian Music Week 2014

DaveWhitty-1If you’re looking for some new barroom songs to take you to last call and beyond, look no further than Newfoundland’s own Dave Whitty.

Let’s face it: those East Coasters do drinking better than the rest of us. And who better to bring that sound to Toronto for Canadian Music Week than Whitty, with his whiskey-soaked vocals and hard-and-heavy acoustic riffs.

Whitty’s set featured commanding vocals and powerful acoustics, putting so many singer-songwriters to shame. He gets the filling crowd at Rancho Relaxo dancing with his mix of catchy riffs and growly vocals that combine to form some exhilarating hard-rocking acoustic tracks.

‘Moral Hangover’, for example, is a soft ballad that warps into a chastising tune about, well, a moral hangover. His East Coast twang pushes through and bursts to the forefront as his set powers on. ‘Song of Pirates’, meanwhile, is exactly what you’d expect from a song about pirates, complete with extra growly vocals and strong punches of guitar.

And ‘Idaho’, which he wrote “when I had a dream about moving to Idaho and, I don’t know, growing potatoes or something”, builds and builds into a power-chord-driven  song with strong vocals and the energy of an Idahoian potato farmer.

Overall, Whitty is an obscenely skilled guitarist. His stellar musicianship commands the room and fills the crowd with awe – the crowd he undoubtedly helped booze up.

For more on Dave Whitty visit his Facebook page.

And click here for a photo gallery from the show!

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