Clara Engel :: ‘A Pound of Flesh (In Particulate Shards)’

ClaraEngel–'APoundOfFlesh(InParticulateShards)'Clara Engel’s great wealth of morose and forlorn honesty is poured out in this grippingly simple single: ‘A Pound of Flesh (In Particulate Shards)’.

A very light and harmonic guitar is played, lightly accenting the driving thrum of Tilman Lewis’ cello and Kyle Johnston’s bass.

This musically uncomplicated piece serves as a mantra, it seems, for the heartbreaking timbre of Engel’s voice. Something Shakespearean comes to mind, whether or not it is the mention of the famed “pound of flesh”; there is a rather deep and simultaneously surface-dwelling pain in this despondent forsaking of Heaven and all its realm, golden shining.

Hardened hearts, and blackbirds fleeing; this seeming abandon of the riches and righteousness of the divine, makes one in mind of a tortured soul, caught between sin and sanctity; forsaking the hypocrisy of the holy, for the grit and grime; the hardships of home.

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