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Breached-LeftBehind-Case-finalIf Breaking Benjamin, The Foo Fighters and Default had a hard-rocking, harmoniously heavy, and genetically mutated child, and its name is Breached. Now out with their third gripping EP, Breached has caught hold of the emotional ether from which they have strived to cultivate their fan-base, yearning to rid us all of the pain we’ve Left Behind.

Their title track provides some great, ripping riffs from guitarist Mike Diesel, and terrific tom beats from drummer Neil Uppal; there’s not much that they ‘Left Behind’ in their opener.

‘Piece by Piece’, these guys build a fast-paced, rage-filled, yet harmonious, track, complete with guitar solo, round singing, and rocking harmonies from singer Bobby Noakes and company.

At last, Ryan Alexander’s dirty bass shines in this third track, pounding with a driving desire, alongside the ripping snare, and raging riff. Aside from the silent guitar interludes, the rhythm section is really ‘All We Need’.

560000_593177650693861_1368324217_nArguably the most solid track on the album for blistering guitar licks, interesting bass lines, bittersweet harmonies, well-placed metal screams, and hammering drums; one doesn’t wonder if they’ve indeed had ‘Brighter Days’ beyond this. The emotional honesty in the higher register singing, the need to yell, without pretentious this-is-metal-so-we-should-scream nonsense, the great moments of pulling away the music to play the moment through the lyrics. . . stellar.

‘Here With Me’, I have a solidly recorded album full of heartbreak, anger, sorrow – an incredible well of emotional honesty, which is something one finds difficult to come by in the mainstream these days. One can only hope that Breached screams with the honesty of their closing track to make their foray to the top; to breach, as it were, the lists of pretentious play-along musicians, devoid of feeling.

One hopes that this fantastic band continues to play their way forward; not to be Left Behind.

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