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Bordeen-BordeenBordeen’s debut album was released last year, and it was adorable to see five members from two families performed on a stage all together. For some fans out there, it’s been a long wait to new music.

But finally, in 2014, the band decided to perform as a trio: Brianna, Daniel and Ryan from the musical Bordihn family. Since they started performing, the trio have released their new single ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Broken Bones’ from the that earlier self-titled album.

Throughout each song, you will be brought into stories that every listener can associate with – love, loss, hardship, compassion and communication. Lead vocalist and songwriter, Ryan said about the new video for ‘Broken Bones’: “This song is about accepting a problem. Whether that problem is global, personal, or relational. It blurs the lines between relational dynamics and social issues. It’s about a longing for a peaceful way to resolve issues, and living our lives in a way that doesn’t tear others down.”

‘Broken Bones’ is actually the best song to introduce Bordeen. Somewhere between pop and idle, between danceable and rock, the song convinces me that Bordeen is the latest indie electro shock since Hello Goodbye and The Subways.

Bordeen-1Although they have some slow-tempo rock tracks on the album, such as ‘Me and The City’, ‘Out In the Dark’, and the acoustic song, ’Stick Around’, Bordeen is an electric pop band.

Brianna’s keyboard makes the band shiny and powerful. On ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’, those make the song the track for rock dance freaks to listen to. If you ever feel like you are too old for One Direction, but Coldplay is a little too slow, you must listen to ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’. The song has been playing on radio stations across Canada. Plus, Bordeen has been performing at most of the top clubs in Toronto, so you might have danced with this track already.

The song is not only easy listening; it actually has edgy sound with a cultural Latin influence, and cowbell and percussion solo. It is interesting.

All over, Bordeen is the album that you have somehow listened to somewhere, but the unexpected drum beat, the effective keyboard and the female vocals all managed to create a chemical reaction that produced a unique and exciting sound.

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For more on Bordeen, visit their website, their Facebook page, and their Twitter feed.


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