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blog-FavAlbumWhat’s your favourite album of all time?

That’s the question that Eric Alper, director of media relations at eOne Music and the brain behind, has been asking various music people. He’s since started an ongoing series of the responses he receives. Read all the responses that he’s gotten here.

The great thing about the series – which is in its 24th instalment, so far – is that there are very few repeats. Everyone has a different favourite for different reasons. Everything from the Backstreet Boys, to the Beach Boys, to Fleetwood Mac to AC/DC.

My favourite album is No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. It was the first album outside of generic teen-fare music that really spoke to me.

I remember everything about that moment: where I was (my cousin’s basement), how old I was (12). I remember thinking how cool Gwen Stefani looked on the cover, with her red dress and matching lips. I was obsessed with how quickly she could sing the lyrics in ‘Spiderwebs’, how strong she sounded in ‘Just a Girl’, and how heartbroken she sounded in ‘Don’t Speak’.

Even now, the album touches me. I can relate more literally to all of the moments on it – love lost and the like. The music is still catchy and I fall in love with different details in each song the more I listen, and my favourite track seems to change as shift through different phases in life.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop living this album.


So, what’s your favourite album of all time?

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