BEWARE of Mr. Baker

BewareOfMrBakerDirector Jay Bulgar set out and accomplished an in-depth interview with the infamous drummer extraordinaire, Ginger Baker. This interview, originally published in Rolling Stone, turned into a live-in situation for Bulgar and Baker. From this time spent together, a full-length documentary titled BEWARE of Mr. Baker was made.

Known in the mainstream media as merely the crazed drummer from the band Cream, Baker is much, much more. Besides his constant and absolutely outrageous antics, he ultimately is a drummer of jazz music, not rock. . . he is very adamant about this. He even goes so far as to put some of the world’s greatest rock drummers down, at one point in the film he says, “The general public are so fucking dumb, that  if anyone could think that [John] Bonham (of Led Zeppelin) was anywhere near the kinda drummer I am, well that’s just extraordinary . . . Bonham had technique. . . but he couldn’t swing a fucking sack of shit.”

BewareMrBakerReleased in 2013,  this documentary ultimately lets Ginger Baker fans peek into his life over the last 45-plus years. Through his heroin addiction, his broken families, his rages and his incredible skill on the drum kit. He’s a violent, grumpy old man but like all other talented crazy people, he is interesting.

Music legends such as Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts, Johnny Rotten and Chad Smith add to the film with their stories of touring, antics or inspiration.

An interesting side note: On the final day the documentary was to end, Baker violently attacked director Bulgar, leaving him with bleeding nose. Crazy!

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