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Bedfellows-WorldApartIndie rock has been dead since around the year 2000. We had The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes. Of course, some of those bands are still performing, but the band attitude or that nostalgic tune is unfortunately no longer the same as it were in the last decade. Although Brooklyn-based post-punk/indie-dance trio, Bedfellows’ second album World Apart is not so shocking as those earlier bands’ debut, but Bedfellows still sing to our lacking rock heart. Just as their name suggests, Bedfellows become friends in your bedroom.

Let’s begin with the details; five tracks, recorded at Doctor Wu’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a sweet studio which has contracts with XL Recordings, EMI and so on. As Bedfellows themselves declare the influences of New Order, and El Perro del Mar, they mastered the transformation of ‘80s synth into indie dance tunes. Electronic, danceable, but nostalgic and trendy, I got those impressions from this album. As if World Apart is a photo album taken by Polaroid camera, their tracks have warmth in the nostalgic pop colour. At any rate, their sound is fun, fresh and young.

Bedfellows-1The album begins with ‘Like a Hostage’. The track features Morrissy-esque vocals that blend with rhythmical programming drums, and the essential guitar. Your ear can taste the lusciousness. Singer Justin Vassallo, his inexact tuned vocals paint the track more charming and sweet. They definitely succeeded in grabbng the listener’s heart from the beginning.

Their leading single, ‘Coming up’, is next. That same skipping synth is remarkable, unforgettable, and, of course, entirely danceable. As I mentioned before, Bedfellows are the gods of synth blending. In the solo parts, all rhythms that have already beaten in the track are mixed gorgeously. Moreover, the chorus – “We are coming up / coming down” – would be the most fun part at their show.

Bedfellows-2From ‘Like a Hostage’ to the most indie-ish tune, ‘Range of Love’, those five tracks are filled with youthful cassette-tape nostalgia. But Bedfellows are not an ugly nostalgism. Just like young love indie romance movies, Bedfellows also represent our generation. World Apart reminds us of that energetic sweet feeling, and what it is to stay young.

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