BANKS-1Of the artists to watch in 2014, California native, Jillian Banks, has a safe spot for success this year. If you weren’t introduced to her at all last year by her debut EP London, or heard a tease of her single ‘Waiting Game’ through some of the Victoria’s Secret commercials released late last fall, you’ll be calling yourself obsessed with her before her debut album even drops.

A self-taught pianist, BANKS is a Cali girl with a sound that may be the polar opposite of what we already know of this persona. Dark synths under sultry, R&B vocals that relay lyrics of heartbreak and depravity do little to remind us of the California sunshine. Her sound has a fragility and vulnerability that is somewhat bold and increasingly sure of itself. Reminiscent of early Fiona Apple and a hint of Kate Bush, Banks has an ability to fuse anguish with ’90s pop and R&B.

Since releasing London last fall, BANKS scored an opening gig for our very own The Weeknd, with her own tour commencing in the U.K. next month.

BANKS-2Her debut 2014 release, ‘Brain’, produced by electro artist, Shlohmo, is a dark and trippy track with touch-tone beats and intermittent ’90s R&B vocalizing. The interweb-circulating and London-based SOHN-produced ‘Waiting Game’, meanwhile, is one of those tracks that gets your heart pumping. If the intro of layered vocals and piano doesn’t get you, the steamy and sexy synth and bass will draw you in almost immediately. And the first single, ‘Before I Ever Met You’ is like a chase of new wave and R&B with intellectual songwriting.

Trust me on this one, you guys. One minute you think great music is hard to find and the next, skinny models in their underwear give you something else to talk about.

BANKS’  London EP and ‘Brain’ single are both currently available on iTunes.

Check out her website for current updates and touring info!


Listen here:

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