Astrid Young :: One Night at Giant Rock

From her usual rock to psychedelic, with a mix of anything in between, Astrid Young brings us One Night at Giant Rock. As Astrid’s first solo album since 2002’s Matinee, One Night at Giant Rock features eleven new songs. If you are up for an album full of in your face, emotionally brave lyrics and strikingly melodic pieces, One Night at Giant Rock, is one album that is well worth the wait.

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Young isn’t new to the scene. The Canadian singer-songwriter contributed to a number of albums in the ’80s, worked with artists like Sacred Child, iST, Nancy Wilson, West Arkeen and Neil Young, her half-brother.

Her latest album opens with ‘Integration’, the record’s foundational song, brave with varying emotions, much like many others on this album. The lyrics show a story like the depiction of a relationship that began well, as most do, but later turns into quite the opposite. It seems, at first, as if she is asking for forgiveness for something in the relationship, and is then reminiscing of the “Giant Rock” and the things they used to do together. It quickly transforms from this, to the songs dramatic ending, with lyrics as “What can you take from me that hasn’t been taken / Another time / And I am expecting to pay for your love. . . ”

AstridYoung-1As the fourth song, and by far the most upbeat of all eleven, ‘The Nerve’, is a realistic account of a relationship, where she shows a side of vulnerability and feels taken advantage of in a relationship that had a bad ending. Now in this upbeat, old-country feeling track, she is not afraid to show how she really feels about it, and does not hold anything back; I certainly wouldn’t want to be the inspiration for this song.

‘Happy’ is a beautifully written ballad, showcasing the fears that come with feeling and falling in love. It was rewritten and composed many times, and because of this, took many years to complete; in this final version, the melody and lyrics flow together flawlessly.

Another Ballad, ‘I Wish’, tells the story of the common fear of never finding a long-term relationship that is right for you. It is based around the familiar struggle of finding that person that suits you and your lifestyle.

Young has accomplished the ability to draw listeners in with One Night at Giant Rock. Through her eleven songs, she portrays her story with well-known fears and relatable experiences; especially ones dealing with love, and struggling to not lose yourself amid this journey.

If you would like to find out more about Astrid Young, you can check out her official website here!



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