Anyone’s Guess :: March in the Dark – Chapter 1

AnyonesGuess-MarchDarkModern rock in the mainstream media is becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially that of the calibre that up-and-comers Anyone’s Guess performs with. They have all the traits that make it alternative rock and tend not to stray too far from that cut-out template, though they make an impression. The vocalist makes the band reminiscent of Paramore and the overall tone would have the audience comparing them to Evanescence. March in the Dark – Chapter 1 is their premiere and showcases the unmistakable personality of the modern rock enthusiast trying to keep the rebellious nature alive.

The album starts off with the song, naturally enough, called ‘Intro’. It draws the listener in with a building speed and alluring sense of promise. The promise builds only when the instrumental aspect takes its time to establish a proper atmosphere (something that a lot of modern bands blast through with reckless abandon) before the vocals take over. Each note of the song is uttered with such deliberate emotion that it builds up a powerful start to the album – though there isn’t much here so far to set it apart from other new rock bands. That’s where the album’s namesake song comes in: ‘March in the Dark’ demands attention with its unrelenting force and the consistent energy that the vocalist brings through it, truly making this song a “march”. If any song were to sum up the band’s style and be used for its promotion, this song would be it.

AnyonesGuess‘Apathy’ is next on the track list and naturally stems from the previous song. The carefully established flow resumes and the words stand out in interesting and poetic tangents, fortifying the meaning. It drops off abruptly at the end to leave the impression with the audience. A slight change of pace is presented through ‘Go As You Came’ and strikes me as the one song so far that wasn’t trying to play it safe, and I respect it for that. The tune has a great variation in tone and rolls along with it effortlessly. The guitarist gets to showcase more of their talent with this one as well.

Every album needs a slower song to show the band’s diversity and ‘Hunter’ is it. The song has a basic structure but what it decided to do with it makes it effective. This song is my favorite for being the most original song on the album. There is pain behind the words that I hear in this song like no other before it, portrayed well by the singer. This song earns its notability and its place as my favourite. The feeling that this song exudes is addictive and would make a great addition to a film’s soundtrack.

For a music junkie that has a particular craving for rock with a balanced hard-edge and emotional tones and that can make a good substitute for similar bands like Evanescence, you’ve found your fix. If it was a game-changing alternative rock band you were looking for, this won’t be the music messiah to drag this kind of rock under the spotlight of pop. Anyone’s Guess is good nonetheless.

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