Andrew Scandal

AndrewScandalAndrew Scandal is, in my opinion, the next big thing to come from Boston. Blending electro pop and indie rock into a smooth cocktail of musical goodness, his sound is unique and eminently enjoyable. His debut album, Mosaic Mirrors came out earlier this year, and it’s one hell of a listen. I highly recommend listening to it, but don’t go anywhere just yet. See that little thingie below this blurb?

Yep, that’s a nice little interview. I caught up with Andrew recently, and he very graciously agreed to an interview. Ranging from his varied and eclectic influences, to discussions on very relevant topics such as “what three albums would you choose to save from an apocalypse”, you’re going to be engaged, entertained (and other words that start with the letter “e”).

But enough of my blabbering. Let’s let the man speak for himself, shall we?



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