Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness :: ‘High Dive’

AndrewMcMahon-HighDiveAndrew McMahon in the Wilderness is back at it, releasing a second single off his forthcoming self-titled album.

‘High Dive’ is a wonderful track and a great follow-up to the first single, ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’, which was written about McMahon’s newborn daughter and which debuted at No. 4 on the Spotify Viral Chart.

This latest song still features the soft-yet-exciting folk-pop sound that McMahon has undoubtedly perfected. A sweet twinkling piano pulls against a rushing drum beat, flowing and floating so effortlessly.

The lyrics reflect on what could have happened if McMahon had never married his wife; if she, instead, were “dancing to someone else’s song”. It’s beautifully tragic despite its upbeat tone. It’s the kind of song that distracts you no matter what you’re doing, the kind of song that you have on repeat for days.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness releases his new album on October 14. He will make a tour stop in Vancouver on October 20 and in Toronto on November 5.

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