Amir Brandon :: ‘World in Colour’

AmirBrandonBefore one can begin to review Amir Brandon’s music video, ‘World in Colour’, one must first take considerable time singing praises to his voice. Ironically, such sung praises would not come near the quality of such exact tonality, wonderfully high register, and fantastically surprising control as his.

Amir is certainly a vocal force to be reckoned with. Apart from the staggering technical attention he pays to his voice, his gripping sense of performance and emotional drive is spot on. It is overwhelmingly clear that his music is indeed precious to him; an extraordinary release of the joys and woes of his heart.

Now to his video: a beautifully morose piece of recollection and regret, ‘World in Colour’ opens with a home video of a childhood birthday of Amir’s. This home movie and subsequent and similarly poignant clips, such as old and current footage of what was once his childhood home, are weeded throughout, capturing what seems to be the breaking of a family. Strongly indicative of a parent taking wing (“Heaven gave you wings for a price”) from the home, whether from separation or death, it is left unclear (with exception of the mention of a ring that fit just right).

But what is certain is Amir’s close ties to his family, and the great loss felt not only by him, but presumably by those who broke away.

Largely shot in the winter, one gets a sense of what a world without colour would be like: in stasis, surrounded by frozen memories of what the world was once like in the springtime of this world.

The single constant of the track – the somber yet seemingly hopeful piano – drives the piece as Amir dances trills and falsetto, joined occasionally by heart-wrenching harmonies and a bright guitar to accent both the forlorn and freeing tone the tune takes.

Adding greatly to the emotional connection to the piece, and suggestive of what memories are overtaking Amir in the song, voice clips of who one can only assume are his parents, fade in and out at key moments, filling the silence with a chill.

The fact that this “world in colour” is the key phrase and title of the track is hauntingly ironic in that the entire song is just how, in the present, the one to whom Amir sings does not live in such a world, but can only merely recall what a world in colour is like, and such recollection causes pain. Such is the price of living in a world of black and white.

Tears streaming down his face, literally surrounded by the images of his familial past, Amir pulls the heart strings regardless of what one’s musical preference is.

With great musical prowess and sincere emotional connectivity, Amir Brandon is indeed a beautiful artist with a capability of delving into his heart and sharing with us the many colours in his world.



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