Alice Sungurov

AliceSungurov-1Is there anything more inspiring than a young woman who has a solid amount of determination and motivation, as well as talent that helped her overcome and conquer an auditory processing disorder? Alice Sungurov did just that, with the love and help of her mother, who created and developed an arts school that specializes in forms of creative outlets that benefit those with certain disabilities.

The remarkable 15-year-old Sungurov is a singer/songwriter and a world traveller who currently resides in Manhattan. Her first song, titled ‘So Blind’, was released via HitPlay Records, is a unique, creative and funky track that bursts with fun and engages the audience to dance along!

Sungurov’s achievements are derived from her meticulous dedication and endless hours spent in learning various instruments, such as guitar, violin and piano. She has also incorporated vocal lessons, music theory, as well as drama and acting. The magnitude of her steely determination had her engaged in talent shows, musicals, county fairs, open mics and theatre shows. Sungurov not only fascinates with her talents, but is also a heart-warming philanthropist, giving back continuously to the community, and volunteering for many fundraisers and charity events.

AliceSungurov-2As a young world traveler, Sungurov recently visited India where she learned about yoga and meditation and spiritual enhancement. This advancement in spirituality and being a world traveller definitely helps her stay grounded and focused on her music career.

It’s ultimately enjoyable and mood-lifting to listen to Alice Sungurov, as she plays her guitar and sings while reaching out and influencing many people, to motivate them and inspire them to be bold and courageous and overcome whatever life may throw.

With her songs, Sungurov relays an important message that describes the initiatives it takes to achieve goals and aspirations: determination, courage and stamina. Of course, she applies hard work into her efforts that have notably helped her achieve exactly what she had to overcome.

We can sit back, listen and enjoy Alice Sungurov’s music video and applaud her in her efforts, success and remarkable talent!

You can enjoy Sungurov’s music video here.

Also, be sure to check out her website and Facebook page.

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