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AliceSungurov-1And we’re back with Alice Sungurov and her latest hit, ‘Broke My Heart’!

Alice Sungurov is an inspiration to all inspiring artists – she had proven so by overcoming an Auditory Processing Disorder, which she was diagnosed with at the tender age of four. With the help of her mother (who created a specialized art school for her daughter and for other children like her), and through a motivating program called En-genius, in addition to her guru who instilled spirituality and confidence in Sungurov – her talents and skills were highlighted and manifested!

Sungurov began to demonstrate her unique talents that were apparent in her previous single and music video, ‘So Blind’, that lead her to her second masterpiece, ‘Broke My Heart’. That endeavour clearly portrays her ascension up the ladder of musical skill and success!

As an audience, we can applaud Sungurov’s determination, dedication and proven talent; especially because of the evidence she reveals for her love of music, which clearly motivated her to aspire overcome, and succeed in the music industry.

AliceSungurov-2Her latest single, ‘Broke My Heart’ is a joy to listen to, as it seamlessly flows while her angelic voice tells of a story – to the point. Blending and harmonizing vocals and rhythms in a profound and balanced way results in divine listening pleasure.

To quote Alice Sungurov: “Having my voice heard inspires me to write. When I write music, I write a story, and then I hear the lyrics come together with the music – there is movement where everything is poured. The feelings of content, the feeling of being complete! It’s like re-assuring myself that I know what I was meant to do!”

It takes a great love and passion for music and story-telling to create memorable lyrics and creative songs. Aside from these virtues, a willingness and determination to overcome an Auditory Processing Disorder can only demonstrate Sungurov’s strength, motivation and talent!

Listen to Alice Sungurov’s dreamy new single here.

Learn more about Alice Sungurov by visiting her website.

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