A call to action for listeners of good tunes

ShittyMusic-1Yes, there’s a lot more shitty music today.

There; I said it. There is a lot of really terrible music out in the world. Sometimes, we at Raz Mataz are sent it directly from those purveyors of bad rhythm, sometimes it accosts our ears as we walk down the street, and other times it’s coming through our radios.

Most would argue that this apparent influx of shitty music is a result of access that we all have to music recording devices (ie, your MacBook comes outfitted with GarageBand). Others might say it’s a result of people being told they’re great when they’re not (last I checked, Battles of the Bands don’t give out participation ribbons).

I would argue it’s a combination of these things, as well as many other factors. We have more access to all kinds of music, and we have more ways of sharing it with the world.

At the same time, though, these things are also what has broadened our musical landscapes to involve artists that we likely would never have ever heard of if it were 1992, for example.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what does it mean?

ShittyMusic-2I think we need to be pickier in our musical tastes, and we need to be less lazy when it comes to choosing music.

Why is that mediocre song on the radio when there are one hundred and two amazing songs that could take it’s place?

But it’s not that simple. I think we, as the almighty listeners of fine tunes, need to make a teensy bit more effort in promoting the music we love.

Why buy an entire album (essentially your way of telling record companies, big and small, that you want more) for one song when that track can be (legally) downloaded?

It’s not easy to find good music (although, shameless plug, we’re full of reviews of it), but isn’t it more fulfilling to seek out – and find! – great music?

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