Zeeno Bravo

ZeenoBravoThere are simply not enough words to describe this powerful and talented young musician, who is unknowingly and modestly gaining fans with his captivating and meaningful music! Zee Wasti – also known as Zeeno Bravo – integrates various medleys of rhythms and notes, while combining them with today’s contemporary rap.

I asked this talented singer a few questions about his music and career.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): When did you realize that you have a love for music and knew that you should begin composing and singing?

Zeeno Bravo (ZB): I’ve always had a passion for music ever since I was a child, but I never took it serious until recently, about 2010. I had a vision of producing sounds and instrumentals, but later took that vision a step higher and decided I would start composing my own records. It was in January of 2011 when I recorded my first record ever, titled “Imma Get Mine”, which is featured in my debut mix tape album Ground Zeeno.

RMM: Have you performed at any events? If so, where and when? Also, do you foresee any future performances?

ZB: I have been approached by a few promoters to perform at clubs, but have not yet taken up the opportunity in doing so. I do, however, foresee myself performing in the near future, possibly in March on my birthday, when I plan to introduce the lead single from my next album, which is dropping at the end of next year.

RMM: What lured you into the rap genre? Have you ventured into other genres?

ZB: I always was a huge fan of the hip hop/rap genre growing up, because it was a culture and trend that was continuously growing amongst all the youth. I guess you could say it was the “cool” thing to listen to growing up, and that influence played a great role in luring me into that genre. However, I listen to all genres in music, and try to implement all the sounds into a colourful and complete record when I am composing a song. I plan to venture into R&B in the future, as two songs from my next album will be comprised of pop/R&B.

RMM: Who is your main motivator and idol (singer, actor, friend, etc.) that you look up to?

ZB: There are many great artists in the industry that have definitely impacted my outlook on music, especially when I am composing something new, but I would have to say the most influential artist in my life that I grew up listening to was Tupac Shakur. Tupac had the ability to reveal certain aspects about society and current affairs that could really make an individual think. That inspired me to really use music as an outlet to speak about important issues or matters that individuals could really relate to. I believe as an artist, you have the power to reach a mass following, but it’s up to the artist what he or she chooses to do with it.

RMM: Are there places or events that might have contributed to your songs rhythm and lyrics, and where do you derive your inspiration from?

ZB: I can’t say specific events or places contributed to my overall sound and lyrics, but, from time to time, my own life experiences or social-political events around the world enable me to get into my writing mode. I would say my inspiration derives mainly from social-political issues that surround us every day, and I look to capitalize off of that, in that I will turn it into a catchy record with meaningful lyrics that everyone could relate to. For instance, my lead single titled ‘Imma Get Mine’ is about people who are out working hard, trying to achieve their goals, essentially “getting theirs”.

RMM: Do you perform alone or do you have others that perform/record with you?

ZB: At this point in my career, I’ve only worked independently on records. I do plan to collaborate with other artists in the near future, possibly a female singer.

RMM: Are there any instruments you play?

ZB: I used to be able to play the electronic keyboard, but have not played in over ten years.

RMM: What are your ambitions in respect to music, singing, and performing? Do you envision yourself performing at any special events?

ZB: My ambition. with respect to music, is to be able to reach a mass audience and have an uplifting sound that everyone can enjoy and relate to. I want people to really embrace my music when they listen to it, and be moved by it when I am performing for them. God-willing, I go far in this industry, I most definitely envision myself performing at a large venue and special events. It would be a dream come true to perform at the MTV Music Awards or the Grammy’s, if, God-willing, my music were to reach those heights.


RMM: Is there another album that you are planning to release in the future? In other words; are you working on new songs?

ZB: Yes, there is. I intend on releasing the follow up to my debut mixtape album at the end of next year. I’ve already started writing five songs on the next album, one of which will be released mid-March.

RMM: Do you have a website, and where may fans purchase your amazing album?

ZB: Yes, there is. Fans can download my album and other music projects for free at my website: www.bravomuzik.com or www.zeenobravo.com.

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