Young Empires :: Wake All My Youth

YoungEmpires-WakeAllMyYouthThe eclectic sounds of Toronto-based band, Young Empires are defined as indie rock/electro/indie dance. These categories all apply splendidly, but I have taken the liberty of attaching another label as well: Runway Rock. The seven-track EP Wake All My Youth is exactly the type of sound that waifish, uber-stylish models would stomp down the runway to in any urban Fashion Week setting.

The cosmopolitan collective of their first EP was sent into the world almost a year ago, but almost no one I’ve spoken to in my passionate, and long-winded (and perhaps exhausting?) discussions about music have any idea of who I am referring to. This is a shame, because since I discovered them when they opened a concert a few months ago, I have not been able to remove Wake All My Youth from my daily musical rotation, nor do I want to.

The group injects an interesting blend of noise into their creation, creating an auditory wonderland. Mixed with the standard thumps that give the band their electro and dance labels, there is also less conventional instrumentation. In ‘Rain of Gold’, the opening bars of the song introduce us to some beautiful woodwinds, and then keep us hooked with its catchy chorus. In addition, ‘Beaches’ incorporates some awesome and diverse percussion, while evoking the sense that digging our toes into the sand on some tropical beach is exactly what we ought to do. Other notable mentions, such as ‘White Doves’ and ‘Enter Through the Sun’ inspire comparisons to some more recognizable bands, like MGMT, Chromeo or Foster the People.

Wake All My Youth is probably one best dance releases of the year. It is a thoughtful and well-compiled first attempt, setting the stage for their future endeavours.

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