Wizards :: Loser Surf Death

Wizards-LoserSurfDeathIt literally takes less than two seconds before I’m hooked on the latest by Wizards, an album called Loser Surf Death.

That five-minute mammoth of an opening track, titled ‘Hank’s Horn/Lunar Landing’ doesn’t even consider vocals until a third of the way through the second minute. It’s just wonderfully upbeat surf pop – quick, marching drums, wobbly guitars, and sunny dream-like vibes all ’round.

When those vocals do click in, they’re distant, yet clear, neither stealing the spotlight, nor slipping into the background. A perfect balance, fitting for the Saskatoon-based foursome.

‘Make Time’ follows, slowing down the beat to a lazy haze. Not soon after, the beat speeds up to a beauty hop; the track is relaxing and fun throughout.

That fun translates across the entire five-track record. The songs sway between the sweet haze of a summer day and the frolicking excitement of a beach vacation.

Wizards‘Days In’ exemplifies that lazy, hazy and wonderfully relaxing sound. The calming skip of Yami’es’ drums, the whir of Cid Vishnu and DK’s guitars and the rumble of Surely’s bass to match. . . . Enter Cid Vishnu’s sweetly soft vocals, singing: “Days and nights / Let’s go outside / Watch the days / Just pass me by.”

I just dare you not to lie in the grass and stare at the sky. . . .

‘Fisheyed’ is definitely a standout track. The song features a double back-beat paired with marching interludes, a sliding bass and wonderfully ghoulish guitars that perfectly match the distant, hazy vocals to capture the fantastic creepy feel of the song.

But, my favourite song on the record is ‘Mama’. Perhaps straying the most from their surf-psych sound, the track adds a Mexican twist to their typically lazy beach tunes, right down to the Spanish lyrics – yes, Spanish! The song is upbeat and punchy. I haven’t a clue what they’re saying, but it sounds fantastic nonetheless.

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