Winterfold-1Have you ever found yourself craving to hear a different type of music? Something that is refreshing and relatable, perhaps? Everywhere we look, we find different local artists that are trying to make it onto the radio; and now, it is my privilege and my great honour to introduce you to Winterfold. – a local band from Brampton, Ont., that is moving quickly on the way to stardom.

The band consists of two members, Deanna Trani and Gabriel Feijoo, who have known each other since elementary school and are hopeful that they will know each other and collaborate musically for years to come.

Winterfold. is spelt with a period at the end, not as a grammatical mistake but rather to distinguish themselves from an Australian band with the same name as the Brampton-raised duo. They first became at an official band in November of 2012 when Gabriel approached Deanna and asked if she wanted to play at a school event at their local high school; a question that changed the rest of their lives. The band has gone from singing at the school’s Spanish Nights to headlining local concerts. And they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Winterfold. one-on-one. I have met both Deanna and Gabriel on multiple occasions, but this is the first time I ever met Winterfold. The band is on a rise towards the top with various performances lined up for the future, but Deanna and Gabriel continue to be two of the most down to earth people I have ever met. Their main focus is making music, not the fame that will follow.

Deanna still gets anxious before she hits the stage and says that she bites her nails in fear that the audience might not receive the music as expected; however, Gabriel’s relaxed mood helps to keep her grounded. The chemistry between the two artists is amazing despite their different music tastes and song writing techniques. Deanna’s lyrics tend to relate with large crowds as they focus on situations that are often overlooked, but could happen to anyone.

Winterfold-2“You’re not so strong after all; / How could you just cave in? / I held you up for the longest time / I accepted all of your sins.”

– Winterfold., ‘Caved In’

“I don’t write songs about love,” Deanna says. “Gabe is pretty good at doing that. I write about real life situations – friendships, betrayal, backstabbing; things that anyone could relate to.”

Deanna describes her song lyrics as personal because there have been moments in her life where she felt that writing was the only therapeutic remedy.

Winterfold. accredits many rock bands such as Metric, Brand New & Paramore for being an influence to the, “unique sound that could also be classified as pop,”as Gabriel pointed out. Other artists have helped to influence the different dynamics of Winterfold.’s songs – even if it’s just a simple chord.

I asked Winterfold. what they would wish for if they had one wish, and the response that I received was not expected.

Gabriel said he would wish that he could meet with alien life forms and make music with them. Deanna, meanwhile, wished that she could go back in the past and change it, in hopes that past negative situations could have ended differently.

But, if the past had been any different, would the band have reached the large amount of success that they already have – and would future success still await them? Winterfold. hopes that within ten years they are still together making music. It is very obvious to see that Winterfold. would not work without the other half of the duo; each member feeds off the energy of the other, and they often finish each other’s sentences.

I strongly believe that Winterfold. is going to, one day, be selling out arenas – including Deanna’s favourite, Wembley Stadium – simply because of the passion that they have. Anyone can say that they want to make music that will change lives; but not everyone is willing to put in the work required to make it onto a Billboard chart.

I urge everyone to check Winterfold. out on YouTube and keep an eye open for local shows that the band will play at; because I promise that you will not regret it.

I would like to thank Winterfold. for allowing me to be their first interview and I wish them nothing but the success that they rightfully deserve.

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