We Are Twin :: ‘The Way We Touch’

WeAreTwinJust a bit over two weeks ago – on October 20, to be exact – I found myself in a moment of ecstasy as I discovered a new band. I had discovered the group while I took a daring chance on a Songza playlist that normally would not have been my first choice – Blogged 50. To my surprise, the playlist featured We Are Twin – a group that currently resides in the City of Lost Angels. The band consists of Nicholas Balachandran, who is the multi-instrumentalist and producer of the band, and Gabi Christine, who is the band’s main vocalist. The song ‘The Way We Touch’ was the first song that I heard and it was enough to get me seriously addicted to this band; watch the video below.

‘The Way We Touch’ is an upbeat indie-pop song – in my opinion, that is – that not only has amazing synths and keys, but amazing vocals as well. Lead vocalist Gabi has been described as sounding like a mixture of the late Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter. One of my close friends described the group to be what Amy Winehouse would sound like if she was in an indie band.

WeAreTwin-2What is even cooler about this band is the way that they immediately had chemistry. The pair met at a songwriting session in New York back in 2009, and after just a few hours working together, they had already written 15 songs. Gabi described it all as “the most natural thing in the world” in an interview discussing We Are Twin’s humble beginnings.

‘The Way We Touch’ has a bluesy or jazz feel that just makes anyone dance and clap their hands – trust me; I have gotten quite a few stares from other drivers while I’ve been listening to the song in my car. The song is something that I feel most people can relate to – that moment when you first fall in love and that person is all you can think about!

So allow me to introduce you all to We Are Twin; be sure to check them out at hellowearetwin.com, and on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! If you like what you hear, their self-titled EP is available on iTunes now!


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