Toro Y Moi :: Anything in Return

ToroYMoi-AnythingInReturnHow cute Toro Y Moi is! I’m sure that I better not to say “cute” on an album review. However, I cannot stop chanting that inappropriate word “cute”, or “adorable”. I wonder that if you have checked any of his music videos? A few minutes of sparkly adolescent moments are always promised. Not only in the music itself, but also in his moves, the colour of the images, the characters on screen . . . everything makes my heart pop. But, it also makes me feel awkward, as though I saw something I shouldn’t have. Mysterious, adorable, geeky, but artistic, and grown-up, but also to never be an adult. That is Toro Y Moi. I am always overwhelmed by his world.

On March 25, the latest Toro Y Moi music video for ‘Never Matter’ was released. It is not a high-budget video, but is surrounded by that sparkling adolescent artistic atmosphere as his music is, and, more likely than not, as he is himself.

The track is the third single from his latest album Anything in Return, which was released on January 22. His unaffected mixture of musical instruments and electronic sounds brings a relaxing and gushingly pleasant mood to your room.

He started his music career as an electro, chill-wave artist, and although he is frequently introduced with other electro artists as The Postal Service, Animal Collective, and Washed Out, his unique music style is hard to define. There is a magical thing that makes him become more of a maverick. You will sense what it is as soon as you listen to his songs.

However, with that said, it is also hard to describe. Let’s say his works are a door to Narnia – a magical door that we want to open and see what it hides, but we feel like we shouldn’t at the same time. That is his attraction.

He began to put an effort on his current mixing style, compared to his last album Underneath The Pain. It seems that he decided to use those same methods, but wow, more powerfully. His magical fascination is increased in this album. This 26-year-old guy is a wizard.

Anything in Return is a perfect match to Toronto’s coming spring. His music may make you want to go cycling in the sunny afternoon, or want to have a party with a few drinks at night. When you hear the word “electronic”, you might think of listening to the music loudly, but his work fits on all occasions, day and night. ere is a tiny suggestion for you from this music geek: I’d like you to try listening to it quietly with your headphones on a rainy day. There is a lovely surprise in store for you.

The whole album sounds like Toro Y Moi is telling us, “Be a better person, but stay innocent.” When you listen to the record, skim the lyrics, as well. There are loads of love stories: being in love, one-sided love. . . ordinary feelings that we all can share. It is like taking a peek at an ordinary boy’s diary.

How cute Toro Y Moi is! It does not matter who you are – you will find some adorableness from his this new album. There is about an hour of sparkly, bittersweet, youthful music for grownups.

Why not just try to open the door to Narnia?

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