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TokyoPoliceClub-live-1The only thing better than live music and alcohol is free live music, outside. Apart from Red Bull’s cross-Canada Tour Bus Hometown Tour, Tokyo Police Club played a free live concert on June 2 at Echo Beach in Toronto.

The Red Bull Tour Bus pulled right up onto the beach next to a 19+ area packed with Red Bull-inspired alcoholic beverages and, of course, beer. The beach was packed with fans, families, and casual passers by, all eager to hear some live music. Despite looking like it might rain the majority of the day, the weather cleared up just in time for the show.

As if the day wasn’t great enough, Dinosaur Bones, another Toronto-based band, started the event off, playing a short but excellent set. However, they were no match for the main act. During their last song, it began to purr, almost as a sign that it was time for them to get off and for Tokyo Police Club to come on. Luckily, the rain lasted, maybe, three minutes.

The crowd erupted as Tokyo Police Club packed tightly onto the small, pull-up stage on the bus. They started the set off with one of my personal favourites, ‘Breakneck Speed’ from their 2010 album Champ. They then went into some older songs, such as ‘Nature of the Experiment’ (their first single, ever), ‘Graves’, ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’, and a few others. It was refreshing to see that they still play their older stuff, whereas most bands will stick to strictly their new stuff.

TokyoPoliceClub-live-2Speaking of new stuff, Tokyo Police Club also played a couple of new songs from their upcoming album. There is no word when the new album will be released, or even what the title is, but the anticipation could not be greater especially after how spectacular Champ was.

Tokyo Police Club played an entire set, including ‘Favourite Colour’ and ‘Cheer It On’ as encores. It was a very nice surprise that they played for almost an hour and a half since it was a free show, and most bands would just play a short set. Tokyo Police Club treated it as an actual show, even talking and engaging the audience.

With this performance, Tokyo Police Club shows, once again, just how talented they are. They sound almost identical live as they do on their albums and their energy on stage is hard to match. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for the new album and hopefully the release of the album comes along with a full tour.

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