This Is The End

ThisIsTheEnd-1I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw the trailer about six months ago. My wife and I checked out a matinee show so we wouldn’t have to sit beside any strangers or get annoyed when the teenyboppers played on their phones for half the movie – I’m not an old man, I swear.

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are back with a new comedy. Pineapple Express and Superbad are a couple of great movies, but Green Hornet and The Watch were fairly disappointing.

This Is The End is adapted from the 2007 short film Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse and it does not disappoint. On paper, it doesn’t appear there is much to the plot. Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen are all at Franco’s house for a party, and, all of a sudden, they’re trying to survive a biblical apocalypse together.

Rogen wasn’t kidding when he said that half the movie was improvised, and you can tell; it’s great to watch all of the actors poke fun at each other.

ThisIsTheEnd-2A favourite cameo in the film would have to be Emma Watson. She joins the gang at Franco’s house a few days into the apocalypse, but leaves soon after hearing the fellas discussing who gives off the biggest “rape-y” vibe.

I would have to say Danny McBride stands outs in the movie. His character reminds me of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down. Just rude, doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, and swears a lot, which is fantastic to watch. He doesn’t apologize for anything, which eventually leads to a screaming match with Franco over his porn magazine. McBride tells Franco that “he’s jerking off like a pilgrim” because Franco likes to read the articles in the magazine. . . .

If you like happiness and laughter, I’d recommend you check this out. The last few summers have had some pretty huge raunchy comedies, like The Hangover and Bridesmaids. I think This Is The End will take the cake for this summer’s big comedy movie.

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