Things are a little different around here…

RW_T-shirt-frontMaybe it’s those quick and easy links to our social media pages right there to your right. Or maybe it’s that snazzy search bar under said links. Or maybe its the general cleanliness of the Raz Mataz Magazine homepage.

It’s true – we’re not in Kansas anymore!

And by Kansas, we mean the old site. . . .

After months and months and months of promising, and teasing, it’s finally here – the new site.

So take a look around. Search for your favourite articles. Browse through some new ones. Read every single thing that your favourite writers have written. And then tell us what you think.

You’ll also notice a few glitches: the blog hasn’t been uploaded yet, and neither has the Today in Music History column, but they’re coming.

Big things are happening at Raz Mataz, and we’re glad you’re still here to enjoy them.

So: have fun with the new site, use the comment feature (we have that now!), search to your heart’s content. . . and then connect with us via twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think.

Much much love,


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  1. Love your new site!

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