The Suppliers at CMW

TheSuppliers-CMWThere’s not a lot that can get me out of a cozy bed at midnight on a Wednesday. But, The Suppliers, an alt-punk quartet from Calgary, can.

They performed at Cherry Cola’s Rock N Rolla Cabaret in Toronto for Canadian Music Week and they immediately had the crowd deeply engaged.

They bring a youthful energy to the stage, melding punk, grunge, rock and even pop into a sound that is wholly their own. From Sean Friend’s crashing symbols to Robito Cortez’s thick bass lines, and from Kirill Telichev’s noisey guitar to Ashtyn Beaudette’s raspy vocals – the entire band is wonderfully hard-hitting, without overpowering one another.

By the third song of their set, they’ve completely awaken an otherwise sleepy-seeming audience to the point of dance – likely a result of the soul-like undertones in the vocals and the neat, yet energetically bold, package that the band methodically picks apart on stage.

Somewhere in the middle of their performance, they threw in a cover of Bill Withers’ classic song, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. The band added a fun Suppliers twist to the track, which was well-received.

‘Simple Man’, the opening track off their self-titled debut, meanwhile, was full of fast guitar riffs, driving bass lines, pounding drums and equally dynamic vocals. A crowd-pleaser and one of the many memorable songs of the night.


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