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TheRosevilleBand-TemperThe Roseville Band’s Temper album has been sitting on the desktop of my computer for months (months!).

Truth be told, every time I’d hit play, I’d be so distracted, so mesmerized and entertained, that I’d be hitting replay before my pen could make contact with paper.

But finally, now that the guilt of a horribly late review has taken a firm hold, here is what I think of the Welsh rockers.

The quartet have managed to make a record that is eponymous with indie rock. It melts a wide variety elements to make a record that is exciting, yet reflective, and entirely danceable.

Opening and title track, ‘Temper’ starts with an exciting thud of drums and the whirr of guitars before Andy Jones’ stand-out vocals start and do just that.

TheRosevilleBand‘She’s In Love’, meanwhile, is a a quirky and quick-paced track perfectly crafted to rock you out. It starts out steadily, with Steve Jones’ guitar and James Edwards’ drums perfectly pacing one another. Neal Thompson’s bass adds a sensible backbone to the track. As the song progresses, it gets fast and the energy grows and grows, pushing you out of your seat and onto your feet.

Songs like ‘Take It’ serve to slow down the record, promoting the band’s dark side. It features softer vocals, deeper thudding drums, the low hum of bass and drawn out guitars. Lyrics like, “You take just what you want now / Oh my love”, serve as a reminder of that relationship that leaves you yearning for more. It’s a sad, yet strangely empowering song.

Overall, Temper is an album equally fit for serene rainy days and long road trips. You can get it on iTunes.

For more on The Roseville Band, visit their website, their Facebook page, and their Twitter account.


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