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TheKeyFrames-LowLightHighLightI owe The Key Frames a big Thank You,  as they opened up my eyes. . . or ears, to a whole new world of music. I know the drummer of The Key Frames, Dan, and he might be one of the funniest, smartest, and most talented people I know.

Dan has always tried to get me to attend one of his shows but I was always hesitant. I didn’t think I would like the genre of music when he described his band’s sound to me – roots-rock? I wasn’t even sure I knew what that was. . . ., I eventually gave in and made my way to the Dakota Tavern in Toronto to see/hear The Key Frames perform, and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing they were! They put on a great show, they engaged the crowd and turned a roots-rock skeptic into a new fan. The crowd was clearly impressed by them as well; they cheered The Key Frames on while I stood there taking it all in.

Their eleven track album, Low Light High Light, was released in 2012, and was produced by Josh Finlayson of Skydiggers, and mixed by Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet.

Low Light High Light still has that upbeat feel to it like their previous album, Out On The Point, but the lyrics on most of these tracks have a heavier meaning to them. The pleasant, upbeat vibe that the instruments give off make this album seem deceptively cheery, but if you really listen to the lyrics that these guys are singing you will hear that that’s not always the case.

The album starts off with ‘Sorted Out’, a catchy song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. ‘You’ve Been on my Mind’ has a very southern twang to it. With the banjo dominating this track, it will definitely get you on your feet.

TheKeyFramesThe tempo slows down a bit on ‘Way To Love’ this song has a whole lot of heart and might be one of my favourites on this album. The band throws an instrumental track in the mix, allowing each member to showcase their skills, proving that these guys are undeniably talented.

The last song ends this album off perfectly: ‘In the Mirror’ starts off with the sweet sound of a harmonica and drifts into a catchy melancholy melody with some beautiful instrumentation and emotional lyrics. Is there anything better than the sound of a harmonica? This song reminds me of a Blue Rodeo, or dare I say, Neil Young song. All eleven tracks are a treat to listen to, a perfect addition to your summer playlist rotation.

This summer, the band will be touring the East Coast again and hope to tour the West Coast in 2014.

For more on The Key Frames, visit And be sure to catch Carly’s interview with the band!

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