The In & Outs at CMW

TheInAndOuts-CMWLooking back through the notes I took during The In & Outs’ Wednesday-night Canadian Music Week performance at Cherry Cola’s Rock N Rolla Cabaret – and, yes, I took notes – one of the beer-stained scribbles caught my eye: Seriously, how are they not tired?!

The three-piece band from Montreal constantly and consistently took the audience on a thrilling ride of fast, hard-hitting rock.

Case in point: ‘A Thin Mind’. David Groover’s wavy guitar screeched in time to Francois-Michael Beauchamp’s marching drums and trotting symbols, while Alex Pepin’s heavy bass threaded itself through the loud music to drive the track onward.

‘Zero Gravity’, meanwhile, provided listeners with a few more noise-rock elements: unpredictable guitar riffs paired with a swelling bass. Groover’s strong vocals and Beauchamp’s sure drum hits steadied the track and it grew and grew and grew.

The band, meanwhile, moved and moved and moved. The used up the entire stage – jumping around and energizing the crowd. Where does energy like that come from?! Even when The In & Outs slow it down, they’re still pleasantly fast-paced.

‘Sleeping Sheep’, a somewhat darker track, slowing down before speeding right back up. The song is heavier on the bass lines, and Groover’s vocals turn to a hefty pitch and the drums – oh, the drums – Beauchamp goes insane.

Here’s to hoping that The In & Outs never slow down.


Groover said the band is set to drop their second album sometime next month. For more on The In & Outs, visit:

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