The Hush Sound :: Forty Five

TheHushSound-FortyFive‘Not A Stranger’, one of two tracks on the new EP by Chicago’s The Hush Sound, opens with happy-go-lucky acoustic guitars, and a sweet, steady beat. Then Bob Morris’ distant and slightly distorted vocals start, maintaining the sweet sound of the song.

The two-track EP, called Forty Five, is the first set of new music that the band has released since their 2008 effort, Goodbye Blues, released through Decaydance and Fueled by Ramen. The quartet is planning to release a full-length studio album later this year, with a tour – including one Canadian date on July 18 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto – in between.

‘Not A Stranger’ continues with those soothing vocals, and adds hints of that early 70s flair that makes pop music so much fun. Add Mike Leblanc’s steady bass lines, Darren Wilson’s upbeat, symbol-heavy drums, and Greta Salpeter’s rising, buzzing keys and echoey backing vocals, and you’ve got a calming track perfect for summer road trips.

TheHushSoundBut the EP doesn’t end there. ‘Scavengers’ opens with Salpeter’s clanging keys and tinny, throaty vocals – as if to prove that summer isn’t just for relaxing. Enter Morris’ spurring electric guitar, Wilson’s punk-tinged drum lines, and Leblanc’s soft and steady bass. The track pulls you from the chill mood that ‘Not A Stranger’ put you in, and throws you into a dance fit.

Plus, ‘Scavenger’ has insanely catchy lyrics – “I was just escaping / Scavengers / When I gave all that I could give / They’re coming back again / And I’m always trailing / Scavengers / When I’m finally off the ground / They circle back around” – and a pretty sweet guitar solo, to boot.

Forty Five by The Hush Sound is now available at And be sure to catch The Hush Sound live on July 18 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto!


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