The Growlers :: Hung At Heart

TheGrowlers-HungAtHeartThe Growlers are back with their third album Hung at Heart, telling the tripped-out tale of heartbreak, and other adventures.

The story of soul ache is told to a reverb-drenched tune. But their unique blend of surf, folk and psychedelia are truly their own, a sound they call beach goth.

The California-based band begins their new record with the brain-worming track ‘Someday’, an up-beat melodic tune about love, getting hitched and all things fuzzy, but by track two, the thumping bassline is grooving to an entirely different tune.

‘Naked Kids’ delivers lines such as, “I’ll forgive you friend, / forgive me and we can be in love again,” are sung over an infectious melody; quirky and pleading.

Things have apparently gone to shit.

On later tracks, the album pace slows down, ‘Living in a Memory’, is gut-grabbing.

The slowed tempo, droning melody, and earnest lyrics are perfectly paired. Vocalist, Brooks Nielsen, sings, “Your face is clogging up my dreams . . . get out of my head and let me love free.”

This song in particular exemplifies the songwriting ability between Nielsen and lead guitarist, Matt Taylor.

His lyrics about love are anything but contrived, a challenge when everything been said and sung before, while Taylor’s guitar riffs and effects are inexplicably fresh. Sticking to their Californian chilled-out roots, these dudes are seriously Far Out, even while touring the country in their church teen choir tour van (true story).

Through the psychotropic chaos and gypsy organs, there is still an organic grasp.

Seriously heart-felt, seriously groovy.


Whoops! An earlier version of this review said Hung At Heart was released by Burger Records. It was actually off of Everloving Records.

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