The Corner at CMW

TheCorner-CMWThe Corner are on a Warpath. . . .

2012 was a banner year for the Toronto quartet: They released their debut self-titled EP (mastered by John Drew of Fucked Up and Tokyo Police Club fame), they headlined a Canadian Music Week showcase at the Mod Club, and (after a minor name change) they signed with Toronto indie label Sonic Envy. And it doesn’t look like they have any plans of slowing down.

I was able to catch the first of two CMW appearances by the indie rockers on Thursday night at Brooklynn in Toronto.I caught them at last year’s CMW, as well as at their EP release show; so this was the third (or maybe fourth, I can’t remember) time I saw them, and every time, I just can’t get over how expansive their sound is. Atmospheric and moody, sure, but for lack of a better word, they just sound big.

I have a theory that if you asked ten people who The Corner reminded them of, you’d get ten different answers. I get Modest Mouse with Bowie undertones, but I’ve heard people say Arcade Fire, U2, Radiohead, et cetera. But, the point is, they’re in pretty good sonic company, and you can be sure they’ll shape those influences and carve them into a fresh and exciting path.

Oh yeah, and if it makes any difference, I had a chance to have a beer with the fellas before one of their shows last year, and I can say without reservation that they’re just about the four sweetest guys in town. Keep an eye out for their debut full-length sometime this year, and, in the mean time, check out all five songs from their EP on their CMW feature page.

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