The Cheap Thrills at NXNE

TheCheapThrills-NXNE-1When a band like The Cheap Thrills, with their leather vests, tight-fitting jeans, paisley shirts, big hair and scarves, climbs on stage, one has certain expectations. I mean, you need to be able to back up that level of showmanship.

I’m happy to announce that, on Wednesday night at Measure in Toronto, as part of the North by Northeast festival, The Cheap Thrills were able to exceed those expectations with flying colours.

The Montreal natives feature a throw-back kind of sound, reminiscent of oldies like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, but with their own twist.

They’re energetic, to say the very least – by the end of the second song of their set, at least three of the band’s members are drenched in sweat. The scarves are quickly dropped to the ground.

Their songs are also energetic – quick-paced and upbeat, certainly engaging the crowd, which is dancing furiously. Each of the instruments work so perfectly together; it’s fast-and-dirty rock and roll.


The drums beat hard and fast, providing a strong backing for the thumping bass and the speedy, glam-rock guitars. The vocals are even faster. They bounce from a shrill screech to a throaty roar.

But, what really makes the band unique is their performance. The Cheap Thrills realize that to perform live is to do just that: perform. They back up that showmanship with amazing music, yes, but they also provide an awesomely fun experience for every person in attendance.

As I was leaving the venue after The Cheap Thrills’ set, all I could think about was seeing them again. And I thought to myself, I could see them playing a huge venue one day, like the ACC.

A big band begets a big venue, after all.

For more on The Cheap Thrills, visit their Facebook page.

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