The Breaking Lakes

TheBreakingLakesA few Friday nights ago, The Breaking Lakes took the stage at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto to debut some songs from their brand new EP, Something in the Water.

The four Toronto indie-rockers took about a year to write and record this new album, and from the first note, you can tell they are proud of their hard work. And for good reason: the new music is seriously good.

It was an EP release show, but I’d call it an EP release party. The crowd loved every minute of The Breaking Lakes’ (much-too-brief) set. At singer/guitarist Dave’s first “Hello, Toronto!” greeting, a crowd eagerly gathered in front of the stage. During the show multi-talented guitarist/keyboardist Jason shared a hug with a friend from the stage, and singer/guitarist Dave urged the crowd closer, “If you’re cool, come on up here.”

TheBreakingLakes-1The second song into the set, the band had the venue fully into their EP’s title-track, ‘Something in the Water’. I could feel the earnestness of Dave’s voice, and Jason’s catchy guitar part will surely be stuck in heads for days to come.

Dave’s audience interaction made each attendee feel like a friend, and his skill on guitar and at the mic looked like second nature. Each member’s personality shone through during their live performance. Jason continually fed off the crowd’s energy, even filling the rockstar role by dropping to his knees to rip up a few solos. Behind the drum kit, Matt’s face said it all; smiling and singing along, he skillfully carried each song. What I especially love about his style is that you can tell he is a drummer that actually hits hard. Rocking the five-string, bass player Mike was a quiet presence, but his fingers did all the talking. With delicious tone, his bass drove through the set as he sat back like a dude confidently behind the steering wheel.

The Breaking Lakes take their music seriously – but not too seriously. During the new, danceable, funky track ‘Shatter and Break’, Dave asked the crowd, “Do you like Will Smith?” Then, taking the mic from the stand, he proceeded to bust into the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before seamlessly sliding back into the end of the song.

With a perfectly polished new set of tunes, a laid-back, welcoming stage presence, and a delightfully infectious sound, The Breaking Lakes are a feel-good live act that shouldn’t be missed.

Leading up to the release show the band did a four-part video series titled Behind Something in the Water, offering a look into the studio process. These videos can be seen on the band’s Facebook page.

Check out The Breaking Lakes’ new EP at

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