The Bokononists at CMW

TheBokononists-CMWThe Bokononists – who played the Bovine Sex Club on Thursday for Canadian Music Week – manage to bring so many different elements into their music that they could easily be very different bands. While this could lend itself to a lack of vision, for the Winnipeg-based foursome, it works and it works well.

Immediately, the band brings a Sheepdogs-esque sound to their set, but soon enough, they start to add small bits of punk and grunge. Punches of symbols pervades a heavy-hitting drum, while noisey and grainy guitars and a leading bass line complete a surf-garage-alt-funk-rock-and I don’t even know.

On stage, they’re not as mobile as some of the other acts that, but they’re enthralling none-the-less. They extend an easy-going nature to the audience, which reciprocated those good vibrations.

‘Must Be A Sign’ is a good indicator of the power to de-stress a crowd with rock and roll – and who would have thought that was a thing? The track features swirling guitars, a hard-hitting drum and a funky strumming bass.

Meanwhile, ‘Fascists Live in Black Hotels’ – which everyone in the crowd seemed to be eagerly anticipating – brought a high-intensity tone back to the bar. The track is fast, heavy on the bass and featured a definite surf rock undertone, as well as some ska elements (so add ska to the long list of Things The Bokononists Kind Of Sound Like).

The sheer range of influence that the band brings to their music is wonderfully startling. It makes the wait for their second album (which is expected to drop later this year) even keener.


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