The BB Guns :: Baby, I Hate You

TheBBGuns-BabyIHateYouThe BB guns are a five-piece Torontonian band with three female vocalists taking the lead. These chicks kick ass! They remind me of a retro girl band from the ’60s or something; even the way they dress is retro!

Their musical style is very garage-pop, with catchy choruses and girl-group harmonies that are countered by that early punk-rock sound, guitars and shouted bridges. The mix of these styles makes The BB Guns the queens of short, fast and catchy, and their debut EP, Baby, I Hate You, is just that.

With four equally great songs, this album was recorded in Toronto, and was produced and mixed by Brian Borcherdt. The EP opens with ‘Baby, I Hate You’. A good start to this EP, the track is sung towards a scorned ex-lover, perhaps, as the ladies repeatedly yell “Move on!”. The track gets progressively louder ’till the song ends, setting you up for the next track. . .

‘Penny Lane’ – my personal favourite. This track’s lovelorn lyrics are catchy and relatable. The harmonies are pleasant with the sound of a tambourine complimenting it all.

TheBBGuns-1‘(She Thinks She’s) So Soho’ is a short song, but is delivered with a punch! This song is definitely badass, emitting a pissed-off vibe to whomever is the muse for this song. ‘Dear Abbey’ ends the EP off on a hight note. This song is upbeat and catchy, with great drumming that gets you on your feet.

I can’t get enough of this band! This EP is available on vinyl – and everything sounds better on vinyl. The BB Guns are on my summer’s top ten list and they should be on yours too!

For more on The BB Guns, visit their website, and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. And don’t forget to check out their music video for ‘Penny Lane‘ on YouTube!

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