The Antiheroes at NXNE

TheAntiheroes-NXNEAfter a delay pushed their set back by 40 minutes, Canadian rap duo The Antiheroes came on the stage at Wrongbar in Toronto, and delivered one of the strongest performances of the night.

In a night headlined by ’90s nostalgic Joey Bada$$, it was the performance of the Canadian rap duo that really harkened back to what many refer to as the Golden Age of hip hop.

The production consisted almost exclusively of minimalist boom-bap beats; the kind of music you’d expect to hear on a ’90s KRS-One record.

This type of production obviously played into the strengths of the Antiheroes, their act showing that it’s well suited for who they are as a hip-hop act.

The energy, first and foremost, was outstanding. Boom-bap beats are generally head-nodders that emphasize the role of the rapper, and the way the Canadian duo handled the stage, this kind of production was perfect for them. Both Sha Princeton and Flex roamed the stage like Simba and Scar on Pride Rock, and they even struck a pose every time a camera was pointed in their direction.  At one point, Sha Princeton even stepped off of the stage to rap in the middle of the first few rows of the Wrongbar crowd.

The crowd certainly responded to the duo’s energy as well, nodding their heads to the beat, waving their arms to the lyrics, and overall reciprocating the duo’s energy.

The boom-bap production of their songs also served to highlight their lyrical abilities as rappers. They focused mainly on witty punch lines throughout their songs, and many of these landed, eliciting quite a few smiles from the audience. Their flow was smooth and worked well with the beats, and they just looked completely comfortable on stage overall.

It was a strong performance from a strong act, and although it may have been a surprise before they took the stage, this type of performance will certainly be expected from now on.

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