Tara Priya :: ‘Who You Do’

TaraPriya-'WhoYouDo'The first thing that came to my mind when I started watching the music video for Tara Priya’s new single, ‘Who You Do’, was an image of old movies from the sixties – the pre-disco party scene. Bright colours muted behind a slight fog, bursts of horns, silhouettes.

And the video has all of that. But what shoves the track into the forefront of the cool video is, of course, Priya’s stunning, soul-soaked vocals. It’s amazing to see that her sound hasn’t wavered across two albums: 2010’s self-titled debut, and last year’s Goodbye, Romeo.

‘Who You Do’ is a vintage collage of Tara Priya – her sound, her style. The video features phones with cords, records and turntables, and a camera that likely requires film (those of us old enough to remember all of these things will smile with the warmth of nostalgia).

Priya’s vocals on the track are strong – dare I say, stronger than we’ve ever heard them. She swimmingly sings through a throaty chorus – “Lyin’ / Shut up and tell the truth / Cheatin’ / I won’t be mad at you / Screwin’ / I don’t care / No, I don’t care / Who you do” – and seamlessly slips into a higher-pitched verse: “‘Cause I was kissing somebody new / Just one week after leaving you / Ain’t no need for me to hide / I know I kiss who I want / I have every right!”

And did I mention that Priya’s able to – once again – write incredibly catchy lyrics?

Not to mention the punchy horns, the plucky guitars and the steadying drums. Everything about this track makes me excited for whatever it is that Priya’s got in store for us.


Watch the video: http://youtu.be/fXSrbOJ38q4

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