Tara Priya at NXNE

TaraPriya-NXNE-1At this point, having seen San Fransisco-native, Tara Priya, live several times, it’s a sure thing that her performance is going to be amazing.

Her set at Measure in Toronto on Wednesday night for this year’s North by Northeast festival was just that – amazing.

Priya played a few songs off of her self-titled debut, like ‘Memories’ and ‘Wounded’, as well as some tracks from last year’s Goodbye, Romeo EP, including ‘I Met Your Girlfriend Today’ and ‘Run Like Hell’. However, a large part of her set was devoted to brand new tunes, like ‘Who You Do’, which she released a video for a few months back.

Those new songs have the same Tara-Priya feeling – fun, upbeat, exciting. The lyrics are the same catchy lyrics that we’ve come to love. And the music is the same soulful, horn-filled, rock-n-roll romp of energy that we expect when we hear the name Tara Priya.

On stage, Priya performs with the same high-energy excitement that she always does. Her voice seems to get better and better with each show. It’s strong and powerful and on point for the entire duration of her performance.

TaraPriya-NXNE-2Her band, for which she is eternally grateful, plays with the same full, strong sound that we love.

So can we expect a new album from Priya? Only time will tell.

Get your Tara Priya fix: watch the video for ‘Who You Do’ here, and check out her website here.

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