Tangi Miller

TangiMillerBefore the start of the Music Video Night – part of the REEL World Film Festival, Emerson caught up with Tangi Miller – actress, producer, and soon-to-be director. They talked about her new film, A Good Life, relationships and what we can expect next.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): So, what do you have in the film festival tonight?

Tangi Miller (TM): I have a film called A Good Life. It’s directed by Christopher Nolen. . .


RMM: Christopher Nolan, the guy from Batman?

TM: No, Christopher Nolen from Chicago. A brother [laughs]. I’m actually producing on that [A Good Life], and I’m an actress, one of the stars in it. We screened it yesterday, and it’s a romantic dramedy about a couple dealing with infidelity. Basically, it’s their journey to realize that their relationship is more important than their outside relationships, so they reconcile and get together, but it’s the process that’s really interesting, and that’s what the movie is about.


RMM: Why did you decide to do this movie? What drew you to the project?

TM: I’m passionate about relationships. I think that people have no idea how to stay in them. I think things have changed so much, we’re so androgynous with men and women, we don’t have our roles defined like we did once upon a time, you know – men do this, women do that. . . I’m very passionate about this, so when [Nolen] came to me with that story, I was like, “Let’s do it.” The woman is cheating, they’re both cheating. . . it’s really interesting, it’s like, the whole time it’s suspenseful because you don’t know what’s going to happen, who’s going to get caught. But they reconcile, and they make it.


RMM: What’s next for you?

TM: Next for me is I’m directing. It’s my first time. I’m so controlling, an alpha-woman. Some people thought I would do it sooner, but I really wasn’t interested at all, I like producing, and that was enough work for me. But, this is a story that I wrote like four to five years ago, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to pick it up; I hadn’t been able to get people to fund it for me so I’m going to actually do it. That’s one of the things I talked about in Real Speaks; you just have to go ahead and make it happen sometimes, because if you wait, if they never find the value in your project. . . either you sit and let it sit, or you make it happen, and I chose to make it happen.

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