Something Lovely :: ‘Ethereal’

SomethingLovely-'Ethereal'‘Ethereal’ – the debut track from California-based duo Something Lovely – opens with a crash of symbols and a dainty piano melody. Ethereal, I get it. . . .

But then Eric Denniston starts singing. His smokey vocals bring a deep, folksy feel to the tune. Alright, walking-through-the-woods-at-night ethereal. Still get it. . . .

But then Andi Silvas’ vocals cut in. They’re upbeat and sultry – a warm-spring-afternoon ethereal. . . .

But that’s not it either. Denniston and Silvas start to harmonize and that is ethereal. Denniston’s dark vocals add depth to Silvas’ strong, pure voice. These are two beautiful voices that don’t seem like they’d work together, but are amazingly beautiful combined.

Add producer Josh Monroy’s dreamy synths and driving drumbeats to the mix and you’ve got a wonderfully eclectic and (I’m going there) ethereal track.

Not bad at all for a band that started when Monroy initiated an “experimental writing session”. The band says the chemistry between the three of them was undeniable, leading to the production of ‘Ethereal’. If this is what Something Lovely considers “experimental”, I can’t wait to see what they consider tried and tested.


Listen to the track here and learn more about Something Lovely here.

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