Sittin’ on the Dock of the Lake


My puppy, Marlo, supervising the assembly of the dock at my parents’ cottage.

I’m sitting on the deck at my parents’ cottage in Muskoka as I write this. The sun is getting ready to set and several of my family members are putting together the new barbecue.

Yesterday, we assembled and installed the dock, filled the linen closets, and made the beds. Friday night, when we arrived at 11 p.m., hungry and tired, we stocked the kitchen.

This long weekend isn’t so much a relaxing weekend as it is a come-and-open-the-cottage-and-we’ll-provide-the-burgers-and-wine type weekend.

I won’t complain: the weather has held out (so far!), the sangria’s stayed cool, and the bacon cheeseburgers have been charbroiled to perfection.

Plus, we’ve had music to set the mood.

For the first hour of the two-and-a-half hour car ride North, I took Meighan’s great advice: Arctic Monkeys, Change the Rapper, The Moody Blues. . . before shifting to a few Italian classics (a.k.a., ‘Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck’ by Adriano Celentano on repeat), some Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, Andreas, and Eight (who each played at our last Music Almost Famous showcase). For the last were half hour of my drive – weaving through the thick forest, with glimpse of the still, black lake between the breaks in trees – I had the Foo Fighters blaring through my speakers; the acoustic version of ‘Everlong’, to be exact (you can see a wick video of that drive on my Vine account).

We made breakfast to She & Him, we assembled the dock to the Rolling Stones and, while arguing over a game of Battle of the Sexes, we listened to Grimes.

Music has a way of setting my mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and wet outside, I feel warm and sunny if I’m listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. If I’m tired or sad, I just need to listen to Magneta Lane to feel excited.

In short: music is a better mood controller than rhythmic breathing!

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