Sarovar Banka

SarovarBankaThe beauty of the REEL World Film Festival is the community feeling of it. For example, while at the Music Video Night – a night that shows a series of music videos, followed by a Q & A period, it wouldn’t seem so out of place to find someone like Sarovar Banka, a director with a film in the traditional film festival.

Emerson caught up with Sarovar before the show to chat about his flick, A Decent Arrangement, and how life doesn’t always imitate art.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): So, one of your films is in the festival?

Sarovar Banka (SB): Yes, it’s called A Decent Arrangement. It’s about an Indian-American man who goes to India to get an arranged marriage. It’s like a slice-of-life dramedy.


RMM: What inspired you to make the film?

SB: I just thought it was strange that someone like me, who is Indian-American, could, if I wanted to, go to India and get an arranged marriage. It seemed like it would be an option that not many people would have, and I thought it was a good opening for a story about culture.


RMM: In the movie, what are you trying to say about culture, and Indian culture in particular?

SB: What I explore is character, and what drives somebody who is Indian-American to choose personal love in this way, and how that person interacts with their family, and how they intersect with Indian culture. A lot of it is about the relationship between someone born in the West, of Indian heritage who goes over there, to India, and also about their own desires, like love.


RMM: Have you, or any of your relatives, had experiences with arranged marriage?

SB: Yeah, I’ve had plenty of cousins. . . who have had arranged marriages.


RMM: Did their experiences influence the film in how you portrayed arranged marriages?

SB: Oh definitely. I tried to check the details with people. . . ask questions with different people. . . not research per say, but I just tried to put a lot of truth into the film as I saw it.

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