Saint Alvia :: Static Psalms

SaintAlviaStaticPsalmsThe release of Saint Alvia’s fouth record, Static Psalms, was well worth the wait!

Formally known as The Saint Alvia Cartel, the Burlington-based band has out done themselves this time around. The album is chock-full of punk/pop vocals, which only compliment the kick ass music expanding behind them.

It’s definitely an album to have handy for a road trip or a drunken backyard get-together, and with all the layers of vocals, there’s bound to be a shout-out and fist-pump from everyone at the party.

I honestly could hear everything from The Beatles to The Sex Pistols on this album, no ripping off, of course. . . . Saint Alvia has their own sound, they just have good taste on what they let enter their ears, and it shows.

The thirteen-track LP opens with an instant head bopper, titled ‘When I Die’. ‘Murder In A Motel’ sounds like a love song with an early ’90s punk feel, while mixing it up with ’80s electronics. ‘Mother’s Day’ is beautifully sad, while ‘Define Me’ is uplifting with the lyrics you can’t help but sing along to” “They keep telling us, / to keep marching on”!

‘Not Our World’ was my personal favourite on the record; it has an old feel to it. I don’t know what I could compare it to? A little Beach Boys at the beginning but after that. . . it’s all Saint Alvia.


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